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Community Outreach

Making a Difference

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Throughout its 26-year history, The Forum has maintained its commitment to providing stellar Live Events at the Prior-Jollek Hall and Educational Community Outreach Events within the local school system, accessible to all people on the US Virgin Islands. Each season The Forum persistently schedules its Educational Community Outreach Events centered around students of all ages and unrestricted for community participation within the school system.

The artists' school visits focus on enriching and exposing the young people of the US Virgin Islands to high-quality performers from around the world and encourage students' participation in workshops, master classes, Q&A sessions, and in-school musical presentations to enhance the students' artistic outlook, widen their horizons, and strengthen their worldly-wise perspectives. Additionally, visiting performers work with music students to support them develop their musical skills.

Consequently, our Community Outreach provides students with the opportunity to learn more about the artists visiting St. Thomas during our season, attend our performances, and, for students studying music, improve their craft and interact with and learn directly from world-class artists. Accordingly, all students participating in the Education Community Outreach are granted complimentary tickets to the Live Events.


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