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The 18th Water Island Festival
on St. Thomas US Virgin Islands!

Directed by Julian Gargiulo

Friday & Saturday, January 20 & 21, 2023

Two nights of eclectic Music!

Each year, Gargiulo brings eight to ten artists within the classical and improvisational genre of the music world and award-winning performances from “The World’s Biggest Stage Competition" (formerly "Getting to Carnegie” Competition)!

Julian Gargiulo - "A master of his instrument, and highly skilled at working the audience" - is a dynamic classical pianist who renders the compositions of renowned masters with extraordinary passion and precision and fills the concert hall with his brand of charm, humor, and charisma. He has performed in the United States, Canada, England, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, China, and Australia.


He is always meeting with both public and critical acclaim. Julian performs regularly throughout the world in halls such as Carnegie Hall (U.S.), United Nations' Dag Hammarskjöld Auditorium (U.S.), Moscow Conservatory Hall (Russia), Verona Philharmonic Hall (Italy), The Esplanade (Singapore) and the Seymour Theatre Centre (Australia).

“The Performance was made possible by the Virgin Islands Special Presenter Initiative program of the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation with support of

the National Endowment for the Arts.”

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Ticket Pricing

5:00pm - Kids Concert - Saturday only!
6:00 - 8:00pm - Courtyard open with live music & small meals from Amalia Café
8:00pm - Main Concert

Ticket pricing per night:

Adults - $30    Teachers - $10    Students - $5    Children - Free of charge

7:00pm - Courtyard open with small meals by Amalia Café & Live Music

8:00pm - Start of the concert

To purchase your ticket, click the link below:

To purchase your Ticket
Day 1


To purchase your Ticket
Day 2



Friday January 20, 2023

"Looking forward while remembering the past"


Saturday January 21, 2023

"Looking back while dreaming of the future"


Julian Gargiulo - Artistic Director/Piano

Maria Yefimova - Piano

Marian Lee - Piano

Roza Bulat - Soprano

Laura Strickling - Soprano

Paolo Schianchi - Guitar

Gaeun Kim - Cello

Laura Ann Singh - Jazz singer

Uriel Rogers - Bass

Dion Parson - Percussion

The Water Island Festival

Each year, Gargiulo will bring eight to ten artists within the classical and improvisational genre of the music world and award-winning performances from the winning vocalist of the "Getting to Carnegie" Competition!

Gargiulo's concerts are always an interactive experience. "He's the only classical musician I know who could truly be regarded as a rock star as well." (The Courier Mail)

"He was in town last night...he's just brilliant...there are not enough words to describe the genius behind him... because when he sits down and plays, you are watching a Beethoven or Chopin ...years from now, your grand-kids and great-grand kids will be talking about Julian. He's just magnificent." (ABC TV)

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